Tips for buying used piano


    These are the tips if you want to buy used piano ;
    1. Check body condition,make sure the body finishing,and performance.For some individual person it might be a second thought,if the tone character,action,and other parts still work normally.Theres no argue with it.
    2. Hammer Felt,this parts reducing the tone quality,make sure the structure still in good condition,with ovalshape structure.The type and the soundquality may vary to each vendor and trademarks brand.
    3. The Action still work properly,hammer hit the wires straightly and centered.
    4. Bass and wire strings still in good condition,with no rusty.
    5. The tone.Try to find the perfect tone,feels great and rounded tone,if you try from bass and strings section,you’ll find perfect tone,perfect harmony.Still,the soundquality may vary to each vendor and trademarks brand.
    6. Keyboards section,still tight to another.
    7. The soundboards,this is reducing tone quality as well.Made up with good component of woods (kind a Cyprus).Find the surface behind,if you find it with cracked or flatbroken,theres no guarantee you’ll get the good soundquality.
    8. Pitch,(standard A440 Hrz),if you find low than 440 Hrz or even more ,it might be loose capacity block pins.
    9. Frame,check there is no cracked on it.
    10. Find the branded name vendor,usually with standard high quality parts for each components.There is over 500 vendors with a very differential quality,there is no argue for durability products with standard high quality parts.Its up to you to get the choice,cheap but wont last,or a little more but last.
    11. Serial numbers,this configured of the year production.The more number is the youngest year production.New comer brand still have hundreds of number,but it don’t really matter at all if you find the tone,the action and other parts components still work normally.Usually,branded name with highest serial number has a good price too.The more high serial number,the more expensive price.

    If you still confused how to choose the good one,call your piano technician in your area in other to help you to look for the conditions,and I’m quiet sure they will be glad to.

    Thus,i hope this information would be helpful to you,and I’ll be glad to share if you still have a problem with your piano, call (021)92784915 - 0811-9954844 or sent email to myownpiano@rocketmail.com

    Best regards.