How often should the piano be serviced?

    For the best results,and to extend the durability,reguler 6 months maintenance is recommended.Whether its played or not,the first reason to take care to, is holds up and control pitch ( standard pitch A440 Hrz ).Basicly,standard maintenance include regulation check,and voicing the tone,which needed if the regulation and voicing should be done. Request a Service Maintenance or Contract,to arrange for scheduling a service routine in your area.If you runs this rules,you might have your piano long lasting durability.Do you believe that 20 years old piano since you have it from the brandnew is still youngest age piano?I believe that,so then make your piano more valueable,call your technician and make an appointment right now,or you may call 021-92784915 or 0811.995.4844 in Jakarta – Indonesia area.