The Piano,a must good stuff to have.

    Piano is a perfect instrument.Some people said that the piano is a mother of other instruments.Caracteristic of the tone, describes elegant,harmony,and stylist.Perfect tone,perfect harmony.In some others country,the piano describes of the social status,only the wellfare people could have this musical instrument.Piano is an elegant things to add the beautiful,luxurious interior design in a house.The living room is one of the choice to have it.For some individual persons,the piano is “a must good stuff to have” just for the complete furnishing interior design.Its a second thought opinion wheter you can play or not.They just have it for the argument above.Well,we can deny it too,that the piano is a Perfect tone,Perfect Harmony,do you agree with that?Paul Mc Cartney says in his booming song with Stevie Wonder,”Ebony and ivory meet together in perfect harmony,side by side on my piano,keyboard,oh Lord why don’t we?”